domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Reading Challenge Update #2

As you may already know, this year I've decided to take part in two reading challenges: the A-Z challenge and another one where I would try to read most (if not all) of the books that are currently sitting on my bookshelves. So here is my update for the month of February:

  • A-Z Challenge - I've managed to read 3 books from my list (check out the list here) and they were The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien (review here), 1Q84 book 3 by Haruki Murakami and L A Confidential by James Ellroy (which, technically, I've finished today).

  • Books from my bookshelves challenge -  This month I read 4 books that had been sitting on my bookshelves for a while and they were The Hobbit, 1Q84 book 3, LA Confidential and Giant's Bread by Mary Westmacott (review here). I'm really happy that I surpassed my quota this month, even though I didn't enjoy all of the books that I've read. This challenge was created by Sheila from

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