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Warm Bodies

The Premise:

R is a young man going through a life crisis - he's a zombie, with no name (he only remembers its initial), no memories and no pulse. However, he seems to be a bit different from his fellow Dead; he craves for something more than just eating other people's brains.
Everything changes when he meets Julie, a girl from the City that, for some reason that he can't quite understand, he decides to save.  A tense yet tender relationship begins between them; Julie brings a new perspective to R's life and he begins to crave a new life, a new chance to breathe and to feel again.
My Thoughts:

I've never been a fan of zombies stories - I don't even watch Walking Dead - and even though Warm Bodies is a zombie book, it seemed to be an exception from what I already knew.
I really enjoyed Isaac Marion's writing style; it was descriptive enough but not to the point of boring you with too many details and even though the dialogues were sometimes pretty basic and simple, you could definitely sense that there was a lot more to them. When R and M talked, they didn't exchange that many words between them- their talking abilities are somewhat limited - but there was definitely a certain complexity and depth to their considerations.  

As for the characters, my favorites were, by far, R and M.  M was witty, sometimes charming - which seems odd for a zombie - and I loved the fact that he was a lady's man, even though he was dead. I loved him and how cheeky he sometimes was. On the other hand, R is adorable. He understands that he's different from the other zombies he lives with and he raises a lot of questions about he's existence and what's going on with the world; I was actually surprised with the eloquence and profoundness of his thoughts - even though he lacked the ability to form long sentences, in his mind he seemed to have no limits. His relationship with Julie was really sweet and I liked the fact that there was a certain naivety to it. He grew a lot during the story and I think that the most interesting thing about him was his determination to change and to be a part of the solution to what is going on in the world.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book because I had never read something like this before. I liked the fact that it showed us a different kind of zombies; in this story, it's sometimes hard to believe that R and M are zombies because there's a lot more to them than just groaning, dragging their decaying bodies and eating people's brains. The only think that, in my opinion, was a little weak was the ending; it was good but I wanted something more unexpected and with a bit more spunk to it. It also left me with some questions ("How did all of this begin and when? Why are thinks changing all of the sudden?" etc,) so I really hope that in the next books of the series I find the answers I need to fully understand what's going on.

I give this book 4,5 stars. It's not your typical story about zombies -it has a lot of great moments that will sometimes make you laugh or think and characters that are surprisingly endearing and not what you would normally expected from a book about zombies.

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