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A Game of Trones - second vol.

Not as good as the first half of A Game of Thrones but still a great book!

I wish I could have seen a bit more of my favorites characters on this book - especially Arya - but I guess that for the story to make sense it had to focus more on other events. Although some parts were kind of predictable – mainly who was going to be killed off and the decisions that were made by some of the characters – I still enjoyed them.

I really liked the development that Tyrion went through on this book and the fact that we got to know him a little better and his relationship with his family; I love how he’s not afraid to speak his mind and to be sarcastic and sassy towards others – definitely a great character! Another character that, in my opinion, stood out on this book was Daenarys Targaryen; she took me by surprise and I actually started to admire her willpower, her determination and her strength. I’ll be looking forward to see what she’ll do on the next book.

I really liked the way the characters grew; the way they reacted to certain events and how they dealt with their emotions was amazing and it actually gave them a lot more depth.

Great book and a must read!

This is the portuguese cover:

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